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Private / Re: Gladiataur's Trials (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 19, 2018, 03:31:56 am »
His mind and body were both working against him but with enough straining and effort he was able to overpower these urges and actually managed to expell the girl from his body but the effort had surely tired him out and weakened his will power as it had been such a struggle, the girl was just as tired from struggling inside him and was panting loudly from the lack of fresh air "gah...finally...took you long enough!!!" she said cringing as her body was unable to move as every muscle was sore and tired out which just left her sitting there at the taurs ass all soaked and slimey with anal juices.

(i could totally see her taking another ride inside due to just how tired they both are XD)
Private / Re: Too big to handle alone (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 19, 2018, 03:19:21 am »
The fox girl was still very much worried simply due to the pets size, it was like there was another person with them and she already wasnt too happy that Funaki was here since the fox girl had hoped it was just gonna be her and fang "h...he can be as gentle and playful or not but there is no getting around the face you got a cow sized lizard as a pet..." Ino was simply blurting things out now before she was even thinking which probably didnt look to good for her in fangs eyes, Funaki was perfectly fine with the introduction of the pet and couldnt help but tease the fox "calm down Ino its not like your a mouse and he brought out a cat, so its alittle larger then a pet has any right to be but Fangs a big guy so its about normal when you scale things up" that did help alittle but the bat girl did bring up one point which worried Ino even more "just...just what do you feed this thing?" once again she wasnt giving very positive responses or question ever since Fangs pet was introduced.
Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 19, 2018, 03:11:14 am »
It was true as far as initial danger Sake was in the most danger as he was actually in the second stomach where it was possible for somebody to be digested by the naga, the first stomach of a naga was usually just for storage where they hold food if they are not that hungry before sending it down to their second stomach so Sake was the only one in danger at the moment, more so then everybody knew because of Sake's small size the stomach if it was actually active and trying to digest him would make quick work of the skitty butler but for now it wasnt active and rather passive so all Sake was getting treated to was a rather squishy wet massage all around him.
Private / Re: Dog Day's (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 19, 2018, 03:06:43 am »
Much like the dog in the park this guy seemed to be alittle out of control due to the undetected scent, Lupin and Alex were still very unaware of it but this guy had been drawn and lured towards it and was now standing right there infront of the source and with such a statement being declared how were Alex and Lupin meant to respond, Lupin actually let out a shudder as his statement seemed to trigger something inside of her which was perhaps another effect of the scent she was giving off as she almost sounded rather flirty as she pats the seat between her and Alex "well dont just stand there take a seat so the ride can get started"
Private / Re: Gladiataur's Trials (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on April 18, 2018, 06:55:04 am »
This was an awful feeling he was having  now. He wasn't in full control of his body and he knew this fact. He wanted to let the girl out but his body was speaking different and he feared that with this going on he was going to have problems if he ran into opponents who could manipulate their foe's bodies and he cringed from that thought and he was trying very hard to regain control and he makes a loud grunt as he straining hard to push the girl out of his rear.
Private / Re: Too big to handle alone (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on April 18, 2018, 06:50:56 am »
Lee was a little confused with what the vulpine was saying and makes a confused squeak and Fang chuckled a bit from his pet's innocent nature. "He's quite unique and not many of these birth defects happen. I was able to convince my parents to keep him since he started off so small... I believe he was a few inches tall when he hatched."
Private / Re: Dog Day's (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on April 18, 2018, 06:47:03 am »
Alex decided to do that and he spoke to the dalmation as he looked like he was about to pass out "Hey dude! What are you doing over there? Why are you just staring?" The pup almost wanted to bolt away but the scent was driving him crazy and after a moment of thinking he rushes forward to the line as he barks out "I have a craving....!"
Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by zearo on April 18, 2018, 06:43:19 am »
After a while a small abra had arrived and panting a few times "S-Sorry I'm late! I was more wasted than I thought...!" He pulls out an elixir and drinks it down quickly as Darwin points to Airy. "Get Sake out of there!" The psychic type looked at the larger lump in the serpent's body. "What about him?" "He can crawl out when he's ready. Hurry!" The abra nods and be begins to make his way inside the rayquaza through the rear.
Private / Re: Gladiataur's Trials (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 07, 2018, 03:11:07 pm »
The backside of the taur was letting out horrible wet squelching sounds as the muscles pulsed and quivered around the girls intruding body, the fact he was getting turned on by this feeling probably didnt help though as the muscles were surely alot tighter then they would have been if he was calm, plus there was an added problem that the taur might not have been fully aware of and that was just how out of his own control his body was, he had actually managed to push the girl out to the point her knee's were coming out from his pucker only for his internal muscles to decide they didnt want to release their new toy and start to suck her back inside, this caused a whole new series of struggling from the girl in his bowels as she screamed out at him in her overly muffled voice "you toying with me!!! get me out of your ass before i decide to kick your ass!!!"
Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by Bitesize on April 07, 2018, 03:05:31 pm »
The flute might very well hold off the digestion process by some means but that didnt stop the insides of the naga to try and soften up the prey it had contained within its body, it wasnt even clear if it was happening in both stomachs but Sake was sure being pushed around on all sides by the fleshy walls, they were massaging him almost but it was clear that if this had been combined with acids that this was meant to mash up food for easier digestion but still the churning motion around the skitty wasnt at all horrible just unwanted at this time as he was slowly realising the trouble he had gotten himself into during his dazed state.
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