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Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 11, 2018, 06:04:47 am »
This whole experiance was so conflciting and strange, it felt so good to have that vibrating cock up inside him but the actual force of the pounding his backside was recieving was making it so that although he was feeling mostly pleasure pain wasnt too far behind it as far as actual feeling goes back there, he didnt want it to stop but if he could have uttered anything else out other then the slightly gurgled moans he was mustering he might have requested the avian to slow down of be more gentle.
Private / Re: Gladiataur's Trials (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 11, 2018, 06:02:07 am »
Tifa just chuckled as she thought she sensed alittle bit of worry in his voice "dont worry too much because your a newbie you will be put up against fair class matches or ones you have an advantage in, you wont be put up against anything too big yet but that doesnt mean you can take it easy, smaller classes focus more on speed and tactics then brute force and will make you pay if you fuck up..." she said once again sounding helpful but she had failed to mention about gladiators who change classes mid-fight due to shapeshifting or morphing and she wasnt going to, there had to atleast be some surprises out there for him.
Private / Re: Dog Day's (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 11, 2018, 05:57:44 am »
Alex was doing all the work just letting the two canines sit there and have him ride their cocks, Lupin was sure feeling the effects of such a tight orifice as she could feel her balls start to tingle and squeeze as a climax was building but patrick had been in this state for a while now and was just trying to hold back as best he could, Lupin was going to let him suffer alittle longer but decided after about a full two minutes of Alex riding them she moaned out "okay boys....mmm if you gotta cum go ahead i wont be mad" this was mainly due to the fact she was so close aswell
Private / Re: Too big to handle alone (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 11, 2018, 05:54:19 am »
He really wasnt giving the girls alot of info on what he wanted, he was leaving out some details that Ino was about to ask about when the bat girl spoke first "i so love magic tricks!...maybe after all these test and trials are done you can show us your magic" to which Ino just chuckled before returning to her original though as she asked "alright so a tug of war...simple enough and right in my ball part so how are we gonna be pulling the rope huh?" Ino said very confident that no matter what the method was she could beat the chubby bat girl at a physical contest.
Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by zearo on June 09, 2018, 08:14:11 am »
"Oooh~ This is soooo goood~" The deliburd moaned as he kept going as his rod continued to vibrate, twitch and pulse inside the skitty. The pleasure the avian was feeling made the vibrations increase along the with ramming speed and power as the bird began to sweat as he was going in as hard and deep as he could as the lust was controlling his movements.
Private / Re: Gladiataur's Trials (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on June 09, 2018, 08:10:05 am »
Reid blinks a few times after he heard that. "Huh...? When do those type of class matches happen?" He seemed to have forgotten what he was and being a hybrid of a horse and a centaur he does have a lot more speed than he had realized so some more options opened up to him as he was thinking of ways of using his mobility in the matches he would face.
Private / Re: Too big to handle alone (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on June 09, 2018, 08:06:11 am »
Fang couldn't help but grin after he heard Funaki say that. "A magic trick? Well now... I could show you ladies an interesting trick. But I digress. With this rope I was thinking a weird way for tug of war but instead of using your hands you use something else to pull it."
Private / Re: Dog Day's (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by zearo on June 09, 2018, 07:56:54 am »
With the push Alex grits his teeth but he kept going downward before ascending to repeat the movement. He felt both of the rods within him and he only went slow for the first three motions but he went faster with every time he sat down and he began to sweat more while Patrick was moaning and trying very hard not to unload before being told to do so.
Private / Re: Size Doesn't Matter (Bitesize and zearo)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 04, 2018, 07:44:10 am »
Taking in the size of the avians cock was no problem, sake felt he could handle that it was just how horny the bird was which might become a problem if he cant control himself, that lack of control was making it all the better though as the avians cock shakes and vibrates while sliding up inside sakes tailhole causing the skitty to purr loudly and causing his hair to stand on end at the strange feeling, he would have sworn this was a toy and not a real cock as it felt so good vibrating but as he looked back he could clearly see the avian was pushing his hips forward and forcing himself inside so this was for real and such an amazing talent.
Private / Re: Dog Day's (Zearo & Bite)
« Last post by Bitesize on June 04, 2018, 07:41:15 am »
"come on alex...this is mmm your chance to show cats are us dogs equal...show us what you got pussy" lupin teased as her hands rested on alexs body giving him an ever so gentle push downwards trying to speed up the process and insert both cocks up into him before poor patrick blows his load before he is even fully sheathed inside.
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