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Merry Xmas


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Oh huh, this place still exists


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I agree with mino, but im away so much of the time ><"


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you know...I think we should get this going again


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im actually dong maw icon commissions in FA now xD


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sorry it took me so long to see xD


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https://www.furaffinity.net/user/deviantnico/ got a furaffinity vore and lewd account tho... *cough*


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I thought the page was taken down o.o tried logging in a couple of weeks ago


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Wow,this is a long and running place that had brought many memories.


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This poor forum is dying :c


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hi all


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I did draw a creature in da trying to be adventurous with vore, but i dont want to get it too out there in my da. BUt i would like money and practicing vore commissions xD


November 20, 2018, 01:41:16 am
I like vore commissions c:


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Asking for a friend (in other words, me) how much would people pay for a vore commission?


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Author Topic: IRC: Tips, Tricks, and Etiquette  (Read 6623 times)

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IRC: Tips, Tricks, and Etiquette
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:32:02 pm »
A few folks are having a little.. trouble getting used to the new Chat. The purpose of this post is to provide a little basic and some advanced information to help you adjust to, what for many is, a new chat medium.

What is IRC?
Internet Relay Chat has been around since 1988. Yes, it's THAT old. It's more advanced then it was in 1988, But it's still a rather basic method of chatting.

Why are we using IRC over some integrated web chat?
In a word, Control. For those who know how, IRC grants great power and control, not just for administrators ether. Since it is so old, Clients grant a lot of power, including sending files, logging, scripting, and even interactive AIs.

IRC Basics
When you join IRC, You can chat by typing normally, and you can send actions by placing "/me" in front of your action.  Those very basic things are all one needs to know to chat on IRC. Everything else like those funny symbols in front of names are not needed to know.


What are those funny symbols in front of people's names?

In IRC, There are different permissions in a single chatroom. Every step above implies the powers of all the steps below.
~Founder : Can dismantle the channel entirely and promote others to Owner.
&Owner : Can use a service called "ChanServ" to set advanced options in the channel
@Operator : Can set basic options, set the topic, and Ban people. Can also promote others to Operator.
%Half Op : Can kick people, and can promote others to Voiced.
+Voiced : Normally meaningless. Voiced people can still speak if the channel is set Moderated.
User : Can send messages and actions unless the channel is Moderated.

IRC seems complicated. Why are all these options and levels of Mods existing?
While it does not happen as often these days, Griefers were a VERY common problem in IRC. All these steps and options exist in case a wave of hackers or griefers attempt to spam or take over the chat. Given that the reason this community needed to move in the first place was because of griefers and hackers, these extra features are desired by the administrators.

IRC Tips and tricks.

While our own flash app and Mibbit can provide basic access to IRC, it's hard to log, keep a friends list, or leave it open for long periods of time.Clients give you many options, such as different colors, stripping out colors, scripting, friends lists, logging, and reconnecting when the internet gets unstable.

What is "Ping Timeout"? Why does it keep happening?
If the server quietly asks everyone if they're there. And if a client does not quietly respond, the server thinks that that client had an accident and disconnects them. This happens very often with the flash chat and Mibbit unfortunately. Luckaly, you can get a Client, which greatly reduces this problem, and most automatically reconnect you if you get disconnected.

Can I use the chat with a Cell Phone such as Android?
YES! But not through the webpage. Look for an IRC client in the Android (or iPhone) market.

What client do you recommend?
The most common client for Windows is http://www.mirc.com/ mIRC. It's easy and very powerful. Hipsters and linux people can also try out http://www.silverex.org/news/ X-Chat. There's also IRC plugins for messenger clients like Trillian and Pidgin. For Android, I like to use Andchat. Finally, for hacked Nintendo DS machines, there's CLIRC.

OK I have a client, now what?
Our server is irc.agn.ph
( Alternatively, you can use irc.kitsunet.net or irc.digibase.ca )
Our Port is 6667
Our channel is #hungry-pokemon

In most clients, you'll need to add a new server to the many servers it comes with.

I have some very specific questions!
Good! You can send me a private message here, or send me a private message in Chat when I am there. In fact, anybody with a @ or & in front of thair name can answer questions!
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